US Attack-Courtesy- Times Of India
In the wake of Syrian govt. using chemical weapons against its own people which killed more than 100 people and injured another hundreds, US President Donald Trump ordered US Navy to attack Syria. Following order, US Navy attacked Syrian air base Al Shayrat with 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles. These missiles were aimed at Syrian fighter jets, aircraft hangers, radar equipment, ammunition bunkers and air defense system. These missiles were launched from USS Porter and USS Ross of the US Navy’s sixth fleet located in the eastern Mediterranean. It was for the first time US has attacked Syria directly. Though this attack was in retaliation of chemical attack on civilians, situation is going to worsen as Russia is firmly taking side with Syria. As per international convention, use of chemical weapons has been banned by Geneva Protocol.
In fact, Syria has become a battleground where Russia, U.S, Turkey, Kurd Rebels and Assad’s forces are fighting. On one side are Assad’s forces which are fighting with Kurd Rebels and ISIS. Russia is with Assad. On other side is US which are supporting Kurds who want to oust dictator Assad from Syria. On yet another front is Turkey which wants to crush Kurdish rebels. Mesh has been created in Syria with direct attack on Syria by US. With this attack, US president Donald Trump has opened two fronts. On one front, he is fighting with ISIS to wipe it out and on the other front he has directly attacked Syria to oust its dictator Assad. It is Assad who wants to finish Islamic States from its land. With this mesh, sufferers are civilians. Almost 1.10 million people of Syria have been displaced.
Some countries have welcomed this missile strike by Trump but countries like Russia and Iran have reacted harshly. They say that US has breached international law. One thing is sure that this attack will corrode relationship between Russia and United States which will not be in favor of world peace. Spokesperson of Russian President Vladimir Putin has told that this strike is representing significant blow to American Russian ties. The immediate fall out of this missile strike was the freezing of an agreement with US on co-operation on air co-ordination in Syria. Iran has openly condemned this attack saying that it will lead to weakening efforts to contain terrorists of Islamic States.
This attack has endangered World Peace as the two super powers US and Russia is standing before each other.

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