US Depoloys USS Carl Vinson To Contain North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons

USS Carl
U.S President Donald Trump has deployed super aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson to contain North Korea’s reckless nuclear weapons program.
North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un is posing a great nuclear threat to world peace as he is test firing intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear war heads. The range of these missiles are more than 10000 kilometers and these can hit US mainland.
What is disturbing is that China is openly supporting North Korea in its missiles programs. This is the sole reason that in spite of sanctions, North Korea is moving ahead with its nuclear weapons program.
To contain North Korea, US Pacific Command has sent Carl Vinson Strike Group to Western Pacific Ocean to maintain readiness and presence. This move of Donald Trump has been seen by world as positive move for better world peace at one hand . On the other hand it can escalate tensions in the reason. Let us hope for the better outcome.

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