U.S Dropped 10 Thousand Kilogram Non-Atomic Bomb In Afghanistan Bordering Pakistan To Flush Out Militants.

MOAB-Courtesy CNN
In a surprising move, U.S .President Donald Trump has ordered flushing out the Islamic militants from Afghanistan. Following his order, U.S. Air Force has dropped for the first time a 10 thousand kilogram Non-Atomic bomb in Achin district of Nangarhar state of Afghanistan. This bomb is known as the Mother of All Bomb and its real name is GBU-43/B,MOAB. It means Massive Ordinance Air Blast Bomb.According to General John Nicholson-the U.S Force Commander in Afghanistan, attack by MOAB was necessary to destroy militants in the area. The unique feature of this Mother of All Bomb is that it blasts in the air 1.8 meter above the ground and destroys everything within periphery of 1.5 kilometers.
Alarm bell is ringing in Pakistan too as this bomb has hit Afghanistan bordering Pakistan. It is now proven fact that Pakistan trains and harbors militants for its own vested interests; and Donald Trump has declared war against militants all over the world. Just a few days back Trump has attacked Syrian Air base with 59 Tomahawk missiles to punish Dictator Al Basher who has used deadly serene gas against its own people in Syria.

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