The Yogi Who Started Shaping The Destiny Of U.P—An Era Of Hope


Now, the people of India have started feeling the foresightedness of our PM Narendra Modi, who gave U.P. in the hands of Yogi Adityanath. After taking oath and assuming charge as chief minister of U.P, the action of Yogi Adityanath was so swift that political leaders of all parties started feeling the heat of his actions. The first step was the closure of illegal slaughter houses. Resistance was there from opposition that this action was taken against Muslims but Yogi has it made clear that he took actions as per the guidelines issued by both Supreme Court and National Green Tribunal. It was very clear to everybody that in Yogi Era there will be no appeasement policy, only law will be there and everybody will be treated equally. From now onwards illegal will be illegal and will be dealt firmly as per rule of law.
The second decision was Anti Romeo Squad, again taken on the very first day of his oath. It is true that police administration knows every gunddas, eve-teasers, and anti social elements in its vicinity. Police never take actions because of unnecessary political interference by netas. Yogi has reversed this trend in U.P, and lo! all the goons and eve-teasers were sternly dealt with. This step by Yogi has made U.P a safer place for girls and women. This safety sense has been inculcated just within 100 hours! Same police force, same administration, what has changed is the leadership which has made all the difference. And in his first cabinet meeting Yogi has directed all thanas of Uttar Pradesh to have Anti Romeo squad. Herein lies the learning for other chief ministers of other states. But unfortunately, it is not going to happen because of vested interest of political parties.
Heavy crackdown on cheating mafia has bewildered cheaters. There is clear cut instruction by Yogi to file FIR against cheaters. Not only this he has directed police and education department to black list such schools and colleges who indulge in cheating with proper FIR in police. Clearly, Yogi has dealt this cheating problem with heavy hands. Even, PM Modi has told to election gathering that there was “boli System in cheating” in Akhilesh govt. Will other states and heads of education department will take some lessons from Yogi Adityanath?
And the biggest decision by Yogi govt is the loan waiver of 36000 crores. This loan waiver benefit has gone to 2.15 crores of small and marginal farmers of U.P. With this decision, Yogi has made it clear that he will implement the Sankalp Patra of BJP in U.P in letter and spirit. Not only has this he directed the administration to purchase all produce of farmers in cash. This was not done by any previous govt of U.P, be it SP, BSP or Congress. All this happened just within 15 days in office. If any govt can do so many things with result in hands, there is silver lining of hope . Not only the people of U.P, but the people of entire India has started feeling that Yogi is shaping the Destiny of U.P.

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