Seminar On Make In India & FDI In Retail Held In Raipur


Make In India is the Modi Govt’s flagship program to boost the domestic manufacturing industry and to attract Foreign Direct Investment in Indian economy. Since Chhattisgarh has an ample potential and opportunity to grow fast in the arena of food processing units; PHD Chamber of Commerce has organised seminar on Make In India and FDI In Retail to create favorable atmosphere in Chhattisgarh to enhance Food Processing Units.
Cabinet minister Amar Agrawal pointed out that agriculture is the backbone of not only India but our Chhattisgarh state too. Raman Singh govt has formulated farmer’s oriented policies so that agri sector can be developed more and more.
CSIDC MD Sunil Mishra told the audience that Chhattisgarh is very strong in its core sector. The need of the hour is to spread awareness about the facilities provided by the govt and the huge potential waiting for the investors.
Arvind Agrawal-Director VNR Seeds, delivered his lecture on the topic “Role of R&D In Food Processing Sector”. By using VNR Beehi as prop, he showed the audience how research can help Chhattisgarh entrepreneurs to establish themselves in the field of Food Processing sectors. Using various practical prop, he stressed that It is the research which can reduce cost, increase marketability, better presentation of food, easy in consumption, healthy and hygiene food. With R&D comes the multiple choices of buyer.
Arvind Agrawal stressed that behind the success of VNR is R&D and Innovation.
This program was attended by Veenu Jain-chairman-PHD, Kartkeya Goel-IAS, Dr.Sudhir Arpit and CA Shashikant Chandraker.

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