Salute to All Civil Servants Of India Who Are Dedicating Their Life For Up liftment Of India

Civil Service Day-Coutesy ddindia
Today is National Civil Service Day, and on this day we salute all our civil servants who are dedicating their life for the up liftment of India.On this occasion, PM Narendra Modi will award dedicated and result oriented civil servants who have excelled in Innovation, Agriculture, Digitization,Start up and Stand Up India programs.
From Chhattisgarh, three I.A.S. have been selected for this prestigious Prime Minister’s Excellence Award. Raipur Collector O.P.Chaudhary has been selected for this award in the field of Innovation, Stand Up India and Digitization program. Sukuma Collector Neeraj Bansod has been selected for his excellent work in the field of education in Maoist infested place. He has developed Sukuma as education hub for drop out children by giving them best institutes and hostel facilities.
Dantewara Collector Sauraabh Kumar has been selected for the excellent work done in the field of Digitization.In remotest area of Dantewara where Maoists dominate, Saurabh kumar converted the area as Cashless hub. Thousands of tribals and shopkeepers were provided with POS machines with proper training to handle and use those machines.
I.A.S are the backbone of our nation. In fact, they are the permanent government who govern the nation as per the wishes of peoples’s representatives.Today, as prime minister, Narendra Modi is serving the nation not as PM but as Pradhan Sevak ; and civil servants are following the footprints of PM Narendra Modi to transform India into New India.

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