On Republic Day-India Honors Unsung Heroes With Padma Awards

Doctor Didi
For the first time in the history of India, Narendra Modi Govt has honored the Unsung Heroes of India, who put their innovation, talent and their whole life for the service of nation. These Unsung Heroes have been selected and honored without any political and administrative recommendations
On this Republic Day, 15 ordinary people have awarded with Padm Awards. A school drop out Mr.Chintakindi Malesh has been awarded with Padam for his invention of Laxmi ASU Machine, which significantly reduces both time and labor in the weaving of Pochampalli Sarees.
Tree Man-Darripali Ramaiah, who planted more than 1 crore trees, has been honored.
91 years young gynaecologist from Indore-Bhakti Yadav, who has been treating patients for more than 68 years, that too Free of Cost; has been awarded with Padma.
Girish Bhardawaj-who has made more than 100 suspension bridges.
Karim Haque- who has converted his bike into 24X7 ambulance to carry patients to hospitals thats too free of cost.
Shekhar Naik- the captain of Visually Challenged Cricket Team, who won T-20 World Cup in 2012 and ODI World Cup in 2014.

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