Now House Scam by Lalu Yadav Family

There is yet another scam by Lalu Yadv family. This time is house scam in New Delhi.According to news sources, AB Export in Delhi has purchased one house at the cost of 5 crore in 2008. The same house was transferred in the name of Tejasvi Yadav, Tejpratap Yadav and Chanda Yadav by AB Export. The funding was made by group of 5 jewelers of Mumbai.The current value of house in New Friends Colony is 30-35 crores.
It is amazing to know that AB Export which has transferred directorship to Lalu Yadav family has filed nil return in its income tax return.
And Lau Yadav has reacted to this news that “There is no wrong in this” Now Modi govt will decide what is right and what is wrong.Before this scam, Lalu Yadav was involved in Fodder Scam and the case is pending before CBI court. One Soil Scam has been just unearthed in Patna.

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