NHMMI Successfully Performs Caesarian of Extremely Low Heart Rate

As happens, NHMMI Narayana Health, Raipur once again proves that it is committed to quality health services to suffering humanity.In NHMMI, a 35 years old mother delivers a child in spite of low heart rate at the range of 45-50. She was treated for infertility for the last 3 years in another hospital, where she suffered heart attack.When she was about to deliver child, her heart rate becomes as low as 45.
At this heart rate, delivery of child was dangerous for both mother and baby. During the investigation, it also came to light that “atropine” was ineffective on the heart of patient which was necessary to increase heart rate. Under the expert guidance of cardiologist Dr.Sumant Shekhar Padhi, the heart rate was made normal by implanting temporary “Pacemaker”. As soon as heart rate became normal, gynecologist Dr.Veronica performed Caesarian and a healthy baby was delivered. Dr.Padhi removed the temporary “pacemaker” after 24 hours of surgery.
Vineet Saini, the facility director of NHMMI reiterated the commitment of its founder Dr. Devi Shetty to provide quality health services to patients at affordable cost.

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