Chetan Cheeta
It is not only the story of Chetan Cheeta. It is the story of every Indian soldiers and forces who are fighting militancy in India particularly in Jammu and Kashmir. And Chetan Cheeta represents our all forces. Chetan Cheeta has done both unthinkable and unimaginable. 9 bullets have torn his body even then he fired 16 shots and killed one terrorist in Jammu and Kashmir. His courage and determination forced terrorists to flee on their heels.
Just imagine how Chetan Cheeta survived? His both hands were fractured by bullets. His legs got two bullets and were fractured. Bomb splinters torn his body. One bullet pierced his one eye and got stuck in the brain. Even then he didn’t lose his control and kept on fighting with Pakistan sponsored terrorists. He not only killed the top leader of terrorists but kept on boosting the morale of his team. This CRPF Commandant wrote a new chapter of courage.
When Commandant Chetan Cheeta was airlifted to AIIMS, New Delhi for his better treatment, even doctors were not sure that Chetan will recover. Seeing the courage of Chetan Cheeta, Indian Army General Rawat visited AIIMS to know about his health. His was in Comma for full one month, and then he was put on ventilator. Multiple operations were performed by team of doctors. He was given heavy antibiotics. Contrary to the faith of doctors, Chetan Cheeta started showing recovery. And 57 days in AIIMS, Chetan Cheeta was out from Comma, and he was discharged. While in hospital, entire India parayed in temples, gurudwara and in mosques for his recovery. God did reply in positive and Chetan Cheeta recovered and came home and started roaring once again.
We , as Indians are safe and take sound sleep at night because of soldiers like Chetan Cheeta who guard us from enemy and terrorists, endangering their own lives. We salute Chetan Cheeta to show and write highest form of courage.


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